How to Find Us

Not to worry, we’re easy to find!


Our office is an easy two to three minute walk from the Riomaggiore train station. In order to find our office, you will need to:
Get off the train at the Riomaggiore train station.

TIP:  If you are arriving by train from La Spezia, keep in mind that Riomaggiore is only an eight minute train ride away (we will be the very first stop).

It is possible that when the train stops in Riomaggiore you will be inside a tunnel (which will make it difficult to see the signs for the station).

Double check with other passengers on the train to make sure that you have reached the Riomaggiore station, then exit the train (following the sidewalk until you reach the exposed platform).

When you exit the train station (and have the tracks to your back) you will be in a small piazza with a large mural on the wall to your right.

Head in the direction of the mural and go through the pedestrian tunnel when you reach it.

At the end of the tunnel, the main street of Riomaggiore (via Colombo) will be on your left.

Walk up this main street approximately 100 yards (circa 1 minute walking) and you will find our office on your right at number 181 via Colombo (ground floor), just after Giammi Caffè.

TIP:  If you need help with the Italian train schedules we recommend visiting (enter in your dates as well as the stations that you wish to depart from /arrive to and the website will do all of the work for you, connections included!). It is also possible to purchase tickets in advance, which will save you a lot of time and hassle!  If you are leaving from (or wanting to arrive to) an international destination, I recommend using the German railway site


Please remember that Riomaggiore (as well as the other four villages of the Cinque Terre) is pedestrian-only, so arriving by car is not the most convenient mode of arrival.

To reach Riomaggiore from the autostrada:

Exit the autostrada in LA SPEZIA.

Follow the directions on the signs that indicate the CINQUE TERRE through La Spezia.

After you have passed through the city of La Spezia, you will find yourselves on a rural road (called the Litoranea or SP-370).

TIP: After passing through the city center of La Spezia, many GPS devices will direct you through a small village called Biassa as it a shorter route (less kilometers) than the Litoranea.

We discourage you from taking the Biassa route as the road is very curvy and narrow and will actually take you longer than the Litoranea.

While driving on the Litoranea, you will pass through two tunnels.

Less than a kilometer after the second tunnel, be sure to watch for the sign indicating the turnoff for Riomaggiore (the turnoff will be on your right).

After turning onto the road to Riomaggiore, proceed with caution (the road is quite narrow and has a few blind turns with traffic coming from both directions).

You will arrive at the top of Riomaggiore (our village is situated on a steep hill, the historic center is downhill from the roundabout where you will arrive by car).

Please note: The local ordinance regarding access to the historic center by car is constantly changing.  At the moment, it is possible for visitors to drive into the historic center between 7am and 10am or between 1pm and 3pm for a maximum of 20 minutes to load or unload luggage.  If you arrive outside of these hours you will have to walk in to the historic center on foot with your lugagge.


The current rate for the payment parking is circa 23 euro per day.

These spaces are very limited and there’s the risk that they may be full.  You can find free parking alongside the road to Riomaggiore, where indicated by the signs (up to 1km from the village).  Beware, the free parking spaces beneath the cemetery are for max. 3 hours.  For these timed free spaces you must leave the time you arrived on the spinning manual clock that you will find stuck to your windshield (in most rental cars).  If you do not have one of these clocks the next best thing you can do is to clearly write the time you arrived on a sheet of paper and leave it so it’s visible on the dashboard.  This is a high ticket area, so don’t forget!

After you have parked, here’s how to reach our office from the top of the village:
Walk downhill from the roundabout (this street is called via del Santuario but will become via Colombo once you reach the historic center).

Continue walking down the main street (past Bar Centrale) until you see the pharmacy on your right (on the elevated portion of the street).  Directly across the street you will see our office located at the ground floor of via Colombo 181.